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Dobro Jutro!  Where are we today? Clue - used to be called Yugoslavia (well part of it).


Thank you to Eleanor and Pippa for the lovely thank you they made. I think it is wonderful and all the staff have admired and appreciated it.


I think that the class page will be archived next week. You will still be able to visit the page but you will have to go in the archive file for 2019 -2020.  I really hope that you have enjoyed reading it and doing some of the activities.

I have put some more drawing things on the parrot page as we have enjoyed doing portraits in school and pupils that these really helped.  What has been your favourite thing on the class page? Let me know on






Isla and Blue said that, as they have been talked about constantly over the last few months, the least I can do is put them on the front page!  I haven't told that the news on my class page is digital! Still, fame at last! Blue has also discovered that she really loves (well semi loves) swimming  now so long as she can put her paws down and it is in the Trent or the Smite - sea is too scary as wave things rush at you and chuck water over your head not to mention that it doesn't taste as good as muddy puddles and river water. Isla is more of an upside down sun worshipper to the extent that I think that she has got her tummy sunburnt.


Exciting news this week.

  • I have a new laptop!  My old one has gone back to torture someone else - poor them! It has a bigger memory so should load really quickly which means that I can't go off, cook dinner, have a shower etc whilst I wait for it to wake up. 
  • Managed to load Caleb's weather reports and Hawaiian dance lesson on the class page
  • Watched a whole film in Spanish and understood most of what was going on without the subtitles.
  • Found a Teach Yourself Japanese video for the class parrot page.
  • Discovered a way to do socially distanced printing with the Year 6s
  • Harry (Dudill's Den Restaurant) cooked me 3 fabulous, amazing, tasty, incredible pizzas.
  • A year 2 boy sent me a super, mega lovely email thanking me for the Oddizzi packs that I put on each week because he loves them and does the Year 6 one. He actually does it brilliantly judging by the work he showed me! 
  • All my reports have been written, signed, photocopied and either delivered or waiting to be collected.
  • Lots of you have emailed to tell me how you are, send me news or just say hello.
  • Jack is now a Colombian ClubBodyTech superstar workout workouter!
  • I have picked lots of lovely fresh veg from the garden and Jessica has made mouth-wateringly impressive meals with them.
  • And - best of all - the sun has shone for nearly 2 whole days!

I hope that you are all looking forward to some long, sunny, super relaxed days with no'home school' tasks or being part of the 'InSchool Crew'. I m not sure how much longer the class page will be up for before it is archived but, in the mean time, don't forget to look at all the new things that I have put on the parrot and challenge page. Mr Jennings has said that our quiz page has been the best thing ever - he has loved using it with his bubble and also at home!


More news to follow before the end of term, have a good week.


Bore da! - This one is for Seren.

I hope that you are all well and loving the sunshine/rain/storms/wind/hail - please delete as necessary. It feels almost tropical to me, and Isla and Blue are VERY confused (doesn't take much).


This week I have put a new language video on the parrot page specially for Seren. I hope that you all make a really big attempt to learn the phrases. How many of you have learnt Samson's Polynesian song? The video is on the challenge page complete with the words. He has challenged you to sing the songs and do the actions AND send the video to me so we can share your achievement. Mrs Smith has also asked for some more Year 5 and Year 6 contributions to the newsletter. 

This week I would like everyone to do either a science experiment or DT project from the parrot page on my class page. There are over 60 things that you can choose from so I am sure that you will find something that grabs your fancy. Eleanor and Pippa did their wonderful science experiment video so if you want inspiration look on the video page of our class page (try to do a different experiment to theirs). I can't wait to see the results so don't forget to email photos or your work. The Year 6s back in school are now doing this every week with their work at home.


In school this week we have been doing entries for the Spirited Art Competition. If you have lost the details, please look on the home learning page - parents - curriculum areas - R.E. or on my challenge page. In class we have concentrated on inspirational people or God's Earth but maybe at home you would like to tackle the photography or video sections.  We have looked at measuring area, capacity and perimeter in maths and written persuasive letters to supermarket managers to ask them to reduce the amount of packaging used in shops. We also did a test on bones in the skeleton and some maths brain sizzler challenges. We have invented new workouts to do outside as it is too hot and difficult to do in a socially isolated way in the classroom. 


Out of school Frank has been doing some amazing things - you can see his adventures on the photo page, Oscar has been mastering and inventing ever more complicated versions of Rubik's cube, the twins have been doing just about everything and Noah has been doing some fantastic artwork. Harry has submitted an even more ruthless quiz, as has Noah and I have actually remembered to put my Cookery Chaos Quiz on the website - wahoo! I have seen lots of you out and about, walking your pets, cycling and running - keep it up, well done. I have loved the stories  and poems you have written, please keep sharing your news, achievements, cookery successes (or disasters), thought on the weather or interesting facts - doesn't have to be school work related. Don't forget that, inline with Mr Jennings class, I expect to hear from you at least once a week just to keep in touch and know that you are okay. If you don't want your work sharing on the classpage, that's fine - just make sure that you let me know.


I have put a new work out for you on the parrot page - it exhausted us all at school although Mrs Monkman kept going for longer than most!


Stay safe, take care and know that I am thinking about you all.


Have a great weekend.


June 16th

Merhaba! This country is a delight!

How are you all? In school, I have welcomed back the first group of Year 6s. It was very good to see them again and they have been very enthusiastic! We have investigated all parts of the school website, done an Oddizzi Learning Pack, invented a new version of a Joe Wicks workout whilst socially distancing and made dancing skeletons. I hope that you all have a go at these at home. We used the song and skeleton diagram on the parrot page (Things Mrs M thought we Might Find Interesting) to help. See if you can learn the song to help you become a bone specialist - it's very cool and fits in with this week's whole school theme of Healthy Living.

Meanwhile, working from home, Robert has become an expert Scottish holiday route planner, the twins have created amazing masks for themselves and their teddy bears, Samson has done an awesome antonym list,  Kara is absolutely killing White Rose Maths, Chloe has done some Spirited Art and Creation writing for the R.E. Challenge, Oscar has been devising epic stories and lots of you have been using Duolingo to learn a new language! Terrific!


A mini challenge for you this week (on top of Samson's) is to see if you can beat the score of 5 on Jessica's Pooch Puzzler.


Don't forget Mr Tomlinson is still accepting suggestions for House names for his challenge.

Have fun, get lots of fresh air and help your families!

Have a great week, don't forget to keep sending in the stories and photos, poems and news.


June 14th

Përshëndetje! Clue - someone in our school already speaks this language fluently at home!

This is the email newsletter that I sent out via your parents.

I hope that you are all well and have had a good week despite the confusing weather. I have loved hearing from those of you who have sent me your news, work, leisure activities and challenge response. This week Samson has done a music video in response to my post on how to speak Hawaiian. He sings a Polynesian song and teaches you how to sing the words and do the actions. I am struggling to put it on the class web page but hit on the idea of sending it to you via Wetransfer, a website that allows you to share bigger files than the webpage allows. The recipient gets 7 days to download it and then it disappears. I will put the words to the song on the challenge section of our webpage. An extremely well done Samson!  Has anyone made the Eiffel Tower out of match sticks yet or turned eggs into bouncy balls? Let me know if you have!
In school Mr Jennings and his InSchool Crew have been enjoying our quizzes and also doing the Colombian lady's workout. Keep sending the quizzes in as they are very popular.
On the homefront I am very excited that some of my seeds have finally started to grow - I will have butternut squash, sunflowers and courgettes! I have been doing cyanotype printing with my daughter. It is very exciting! Paper is painted with a special type of printing ink, then you put flowers, buttons, lave etc on the paper and expose it to the sun and it makes an amazing print - amazing!
I am looking forward to seeing some of you back in school this week and will be setting new challenges and finding interesting things for those of you still busy working at home.
Don't forget to send me your news (doesn't have to be school related), I am still waiting to hear from some of you.

Aloha! Go on the Things Mrs Marston Found that She thought We Might Find Interesting page to learn some basic greetings in Hawaiian! Has anyone looked at the Nasa Live link I put on? Cooked with Buddy? Let me know! Don't forget I am now expecting to hear from you at least once a week via your parents email. It doesn't have to be school work related, I just want to know how you are and what you are up to etc. Photos would be great as well.

Jacob has done a Lego quiz which Miss Peckover can't wait to see - are you a Lego expert? Harry has done his Ruthless Quiz Round 2. It looks very tricky to me!  Year 5 lets have some quizzes from you too please, Robert is the only quizmeister so far from your ranks!


Back at the ranch my veg garden (or rather Jessica's now) is going great guns with everything going mad now we have had warm weather and rain. A while ago, I loved the exotic rainbow chard but now I have had so much I think I look like the vegetable itself.  The only thing refusing to grow are courgettes. We are currently on seed planting and still not a sign of life - help! The crafty birds are nicking all the strawberries as they ripen but not the zillions of wild alpine strawberries that taste as if they have been dipped in perfume, definitely an acquired taste!


New Challenge. I have been sewing some face masks and thought that you could make one too. On the TMMFTSTWMFI (see green box above for enlightenment), there is a very easy one to make on YouTube. For more complicated ones that require you to use a sewing machine, look at the free patterns on the challenge page.


Some of the Year 6s will hopefully coming back to school soon so I would like some ideas for games that can be played in the playground bubble with people 2 metres apart, don't touch anything or anybody and can be played by 1 - 15 children (or small groups).The Inschool Crew have been working on this and came up with some very inventive ideas. It is quite hard as you can't bring anything into school apart from a drink bottle and a lunch box so... get thinking!


Blue and Isla are very pleased it is not so hot but quite confused as to why I am not as thrilled with their decorative pawprint embellishment of the white tiled floor as they are! It takes a lot of effort to ensure that you get at least one pawprint on every single tile, even those usually covered with wellies and shoes.


Have a good week.

Visit the KidsBloomsbury Facebook in June, where we will sharing fun activities, giveaways and author readings for children aged 2-12 everyday at 9am and 2pm.

Read right down to the bottom of this message for important information.

Don't forget to do one of the challenges from the Challenge section on the class page.

4th June


Phew! back in action again after tricky time with laptop but FINALLY, after a whole day and a half in the laptop rescue centre, hopefully I will be able to open emails, access the internet, open folders, put stuff on the webpage and … who knows!


This week has made me realise that maybe I shouldn't have put my winter clothes back in the attic although it isn't really that cold, I think I had just got used to the lovely hot weather.  I am back in school all the time now rather than 2 or 3 days a week and not just in the hall all day which has been nice except - guess what! A pipe had burst in the year 1/2 boys loos during the weekend and soaked all the carpets so by Monday they smelt horrible! Poor Mr Maynard had to put his wellies on and the carpets will all have to go!


I have been enjoying hearing your news and seeing what you are up to. Samson sent me a brilliant Powerpoint on life in lockdown; it is on the school website on our class page so have a look as it is really good. Eleanor and Pippa did a dramatic frog rescue after Eddie the cat got a bit too helpful with a frog that had jumped into their garden! They have also done an excellent science experiment on colour chromatography and presented it like two expert presenters on BBC Bitesize. I am hoping that I can reduce it down to put on the website. Grace has solved the problem of Cinderella's Glass Slipper on LBC radio and Jacob has been doing just about everything which he explained on his fab video message! Rosie has been doing words of the week and Anya has been cycling, dog walking and writing stories - seems like all of you are busy and having fun too learning lots of exciting things school and non school related. Well done gang, I am so proud of you all for living out the St Peter's ethos!


On the webpage I have put some exciting new videos ranging from learning to cook, step by step with Buddy Oliver (Jamie's son), funky science experiments with eggs, some weirdly exciting DT projects (build your own mini, working washing machine) as well as the funky Bodytech Rumba lessons which we have been doing in school. If you have any ideas for the Things Mrs Marston Thought we might find Interesting slot, let me know and I will investigate and put it on the website if appropriate/fun/not boring.


We tested out some of the quizzes with the Inschool Year 5/6 Crew and had a lot of fun! I have added Robert's Mega Mix and hopefully will add my cookery challenge one this weekend. I am busy trying to make it look as good as the ones my pupils have sent in!


I have a new request.

In line with Mr Jennings' Class, I would like everyone to send me a message via their parents' email once a week letting me know how you are, what you are up to and what you think of things I am adding to our class page. Your news doesn't have to be related to school work - I'd just like you to keep in touch and give me some feedback on material on our class page (quizzes, challenges, photos, mega work, videos etc). I have really enjoyed receiving updates and it also makes me feel less homesick for my class.



Nǐ hǎo   



22nd May

I hope that you have been keeping safe and finding lots of exciting new things to do. How many books have you read? Have you solved any new mathematical conundrums? Designed a new computer game? Drawn or created a masterpiece of artwork? Cycled further than you have ever done before? Learnt a new language? Seen a new animal or bird that you have never seen before? Identified all the different cloud formations (from one of my earlier challenges)? Measured the wind on the Beaufort scale (another earlier challenge)? Cooked up a storm in the kitchen? Made a new item of clothing? Planted/harvested some vegetables or flowers?

Please let me know via the class email. I will always reply.


Charlotte has made a fantastic video for the May 7th Challenge - I can't wait for Miss P to see it! Mustard and Joe have also done some fabulous work for this challenge - a painting and a poem. Come on everyone else, lets see what you can do!  Eleanor and Pippa have been ultra busy researching acronyms for the May 13th challenge, well done girls! They found some really unusual ones. Corey has made a model of the solar system and Samson created a model rocket whilst Oscar has used his maths skills to measure his garden and design a new border, excellent work boys! Look on the mega work and photo pages to see what everyone has been up to.  I have also had some great work from Georgia and Thomas. If you have not sent me anything yet, please do so as soon as you can. It doesn't need to be school work (we even have Pets Corner on our photo page now), but it would be nice to know that someone is reading our news and tackling the challenges!


I have been very impressed by the quizzes so far but am looking for new contributors. Noah has said that he is going to do one and Harry is inspired to start creating another, even more ruthless quiz. You can do a quiz on anything you want so long as it is suitable for school.


Jessica has been making mozzarella cheese from scratch and it is really good. It takes a lot of doing but tastes delicious. I think we should go into business with Dudill's Den Pizza Joint!  The rainbow chard in my vegetable garden has gone mad and is now making a takeover bid for the universe, help! Jessica is determined that I am going to get fit (whilst the swimming pool is closed down) so keeps making me do fitness routines - she has worked out that I am more likely to do them if they feature a dog or small (naughty) animal.  Today we did one with PsycleLondon which did feature a small, funny dog but was very hard work! I think they should call it psychoLondon - it's harsh and I am sure that the trainers can't count as they keep saying '"Give me 8!" but never seem to count down to 1! I have been doing my usual days in school but have also been busy trying to sort out the classroom so that it is suitably socially distanced - not an easy task! The fish in the tank are getting very lonely and the bottom feeder even bigger - I think he is missing Harry!


I hope that you have looked at the THINGS MRS MARSTON THINKS WE MIGHT FIND INTERESTING SECTION. Has anyone made the Eiffel Tower or done the South American Club Body Tech Rumba workouts? The boat building from 500 water bottles is very funny/crazy! If you find something great/interesting/curious, let me know and I will add it to our page so others can share it.


National Geographic Kids has linked up with Persil to create some fun arts and crafts activities to do at home. Go to to find out more.


Have a lovely weekend!




May 13th

こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa)

Who can tell me what language this is? It is called 'The land of the Rising Sun.'

I hope that you enjoyed the V.E. Day celebrations on Friday. I heard the vintage fire engine going down Main Street but didn't know what it was until much later in the day (when, obviously, it was too late to go and see it!). It was lovely to see some of you (socially distancing) partying in your gardens as I walked the furry duo. 


I had an unexpected treat when I got a message from Dudill's Den asking if I would like to product test one of their homemade pizzas, expertly cooked in their outdoor pizza oven. Well, you don't say no to an offer like that do you,  so I put in my order and arranged my collection time. TOTALLY DELICIOUS! Did you know that the oven gets up to a temperature of 500 degrees and so the pizza cooks in, wait for it, 40 seconds! That is quicker than it took me to say what toppings I wanted! They are hoping to set up a take away service in the summer when more restrictions are lifted. I think that you will all have to fight me off to be first in the queue. Well done Harry, William, Charlie and Mr and Mrs D!


How are people getting on with the Miss Peckover Challenge? The one on my challenge list on the class page, I hope that we can do something to commemorate her time at St. Peter's.


In school we have been doing Spanish, learning to say hello, how we are, our age, whether we are a boy or a girl, man or woman and also all the colours.  Then we did some more South American keep fit. We used the art clips that I have put on our class page to do some great paintings and then created some Just So stories in the style of Rudyard Kipling. How are you getting on with Oak National Academy and Bitesize maths? Some people love them and others prefer the White Rose stuff. Let me know so I can report back to Miss Brownley.  A lot of people of all ages are using the Oddizzi Resources, not the quizzes, and finding them challenging but fun. Which ones have you enjoyed the most!


Evan and his brother have contributed an amazing quiz so have a look at it and see how many you can do. I know that Catherine and William are also working on ones too, well done. Come on folks, let's see if everyone can create a quiz to challenge the grey cells of everyone else.


TCKS - have you worked that out yet? Don't forget to email your news in to me on the class email.




Mrs M





7th May


I must say that doing school work in the garden with my 2 faithful pooches has distinct advantages!  I have been watching all the baby birds being fed by their anxious parents, bit of argy bargy from different types of birds protecting patch and laughing at dogs trying to win the 'Let's find the most uncomfortable position to lie in' competition! It is all very peaceful and tranquil until the internet drops out or my always reliable laptop goes into slow(er) mode - if you can operate at slower than dead slug mode!


Yesterday we designed an app at InSchoolCrew with Jessica doing a video setting out the task for the children to watch. It went really well and was great fun. I hope to share it with you soon.


I had the most fantastic surprise the other day when some delicious, light as a feather cakes arrived on my doorstep, socially distanced delivered and baked by Eva! Yummy! Much better than my efforts! Thank you so much.


I hope everyone has had a go at Chloe's quiz; it is a fantastic effort and really good. The answers are at the end of Harry's Quiz which, as you can imagine, created in true Harry ruthless style!  I am looking for more quizzes to add to the page, they can be on anything you want but don't forget to add the answers! Email the quiz into our class email.


If you have sent me something and I haven't put it on the page yet or responded, I will and I always look forward to seeing what you have found out or are up to.  Somethings take longer to load than others and I am learning very fast how to do things that I haven't done before - just like you.


TKCS - don't forget to clap tonight. If you live near my lane, you will probably hear me, Jessie, Blue and Steve the Post!



Hope you are all fighting fit (not fighting) and doing some exciting/restful/cool/hot/amazing things or just chilling with a book or cloud watching!  I am supposed to be weeding the vegetable garden but strangely, updating the school website seems more appealing!


Exciting Quiz Update!

Next week Chloe will be doing the class quiz to put on our class page. You can submit your answers to me via the class email or just wait until the week after and see how many you got right when we post the answers and a new quiz from ??? Could it be you?

Chloe and I are just working on whether it will be a powerpoint or a word document but either way, don't forget to go on the quiz section of our class page and take part. If you want to create a quiz, just email it to me on the class email address.


I am still sadsadsad waiting for someone to do one of my challenges! It's lonely out here (or rather in here), please send me something to look/laugh/cry at!


Back to the veg patch.



30th April



Who can tell me what language I am saying hello in today?

As you may have noticed, I haven't added to the webpage for a week because the whole St Peter's website has been having a major overhaul to give it a user friendly, sparkling new look!  Mrs Gibbens has been hard at work making it super easy to find things on the  Home Learning Page for parents to use as well as the KS pages. I am busy re-organising my page and putting on the great contributions from Corey, Chloe, Catherine, Grace, Eleanor, Pippa, Oscar, Noah, Joe, William, Rosa and Roberto. It is taking a bit of time and we all know how quickly and effectively my laptop works … so if your photos, news, work or jokes aren't on there yet, please be patient, I will get everything on soon.

Big cheer for Chloe who raised £238.51 from her cake sale (sensibly making sure that everyone observed social distancing) which she is donating to charity to help others. Fantastic work Chloe, I am really proud of you! 

I am really pleased that so many of you are signing up for Seesaw - I can't wait to use it. Please remember that I can only add you to the class if I have consent from your parents.  The children coming into school have also told me how much they are enjoying the performances from the National Theatre.

News from the homefront - Blue has discovered that not only can she swim BUT she actually enjoys it! She has also discovered that if she throws herself energetically enough at sticky weed, she can completely camouflage herself - always useful! Isla is still not convinced about water and lifts her paws so high that she is in permanent danger of falling over. She is far happy in her default position of lying completely upside down waiting for a tummy rub.  Mr Marston's career as a sourdough bread baker has come to an abrupt stop due to lack of the right flour, in fact any flour! Hopefully he will soon be back on track and the kitchen will smell deliciously of just baked bread again.


Yesterday I made corn dollies in school and found out that, to my surprise, Mrs Gibbens is a former, prize winning corn dolly maker! We used art straws and it was great fun. The children also made some amazing towers and furniture.


Don't forget to send me your news and work.


TCKS - work that out for yourself.


Mrs M