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UKS2 - Miss Walton

Hello and a warm welcome to our class page 😁!

This year is your final year at St. Peter's and it is already set to be a fun, exciting and busy one.

You will be taught by both Miss Walton and Miss Brownley over the course of the next year.


This year is your final year at St. Peter's and it is already set to be a fun, exciting and busy one.

You will be taught by both Miss Walton and Miss Brownley over the course of the next year.


We’ve made it to the Summer term! We have lots and lots planned for this term. Please see the ‘weekly at a glance’ newsletters for info on key dates for SATS, the residential, our end of year show and even more. Please see below for this term's curriculum information:


Main Topic Summer 2023 – Groundbreaking Greeks

In the Groundbreaking Greeks project, your child will learn about different periods of Greek history, exploring the earliest civilisations, the devastation of the Dark Age and the breakthroughs and developments of the Archaic and Classical periods. They will understand how the geography of Greece affected the development of city states and explore Athens, learning about the structure of the government and society. They will get to know some of the most significant Athenians and understand why Greek art, culture, architecture, philosophy, medicine and mathematics were so significant. Your child will learn about the leadership of Alexander the Great and discover how ancient Greece became part of the Roman Empire after the Hellenistic period. They will explore how the Romans respected and developed Greek ideas, making them their own and spreading them throughout the Roman Empire. To end the project, your child will decide which was the ancient Greeks' greatest idea, and explore how the legacy of ancient Greece affects their lives today.


Science – Properties of materials

In the Properties and Changes of Materials project, your child will revisit prior learning about the properties of materials. They will plan and carry out tests to determine the properties of a range of materials. They will use their results to suggest suitable materials for different purposes. They will learn about the property of thermal conductivity and identify materials that are thermal conductors and insulators. They will also learn about the property of solubility and test various materials to discover which are soluble and insoluble. They will find out about heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures and will separate heterogeneous mixtures using sieving and filtration. They will also separate homogeneous mixtures, investigating how to reverse dissolving by evaporation. They will ask scientific questions about separating unusual mixtures and research to find out the answers. They will learn the difference between reversible and irreversible changes and follow instructions to observe the signs of an irreversible change firsthand. They will complete their learning by finding out about materials scientists and their innovative materials.


Design Technology - Architecture

This project teaches children about how architectural style and technology has developed over time and then use this knowledge to design a building with specific features. 


Art – Mixed Media

This project teaches children about paper crafts, papermaking and collage techniques, including paper, fabric, mixed media and photo collage. They use their learning to create a final piece of small-scale, mixed media collage. 


Art – Expression

This project teaches children about the Expressionist art movement and the 'Father of Expressionism', Edvard Munch. They explore different ways to portray feelings and emotions in art to create an imaginative self-portrait. 


Area, perimeter, volume, statistics, shape, measurement


Useful Information

  • In our classroom this year we will be supported at times by Mrs Smith.
  • Every week there will be a homework e-newsletter to parents/guardians via this class page, which will let you know what we have been up to that week. It will also detail any homework to complete. Homework will consist of spellings, a piece of maths and a topic OR English task. (During SATs preparation, children will have SATs specific homework with a timetable in the front. There will be no newsletters during this period - please refer to the Headteacher's newsletter and weekly for information.)
  • This year, PE will be on a Thursday. Children will need to bring their PE kit into school to get changed into, and an additional jacket (if required) - recommended now it is getting colder!
  • A clean, fresh water bottle is to be brought into school every day and kept at the side of the classroom, or on the floor next to children's seats.
  • Please name all clothing and equipment. Children have had a name label placed onto their diaries.
  • School diaries and reading books - These will be used in school by the children as well as at home, so they will need bringing in each day. The children will write their weekly spellings in these and also keep a log of any personal reading in there, as well as what books they have read in a book list. Children are welcome to bring in their own books to read from home, however we do have a large and varied selection in our school library. I encourage the children to write a note down each Friday in their diary of learning that has taken place during the week, for parents to read.
  • Handwriting and spelling will take place every day ensuring these skills are being taught, practised and applied.
  • Spellings will be tested every Friday. Any words which the children have spelt incorrectly will be written in their diaries and will need to be practiced at home for retesting the following week. As we move through the term there may be additional spellings that the children bring home as homework, but these will always be detailed/explained in the weekly e-newsletter (emailed and available on the website).
  • Forms - It is worth keeping in mind that if you are able to fill in forms online for the office, or email these, rather than children bringing in printed versions, this is much quicker.
  • Communication - If you have any queries, please feel free to use to contact the office, who will forward your queries on to me. We will also be present on the playground after school. If your query is urgent and requires an immediate response, please call the school office as the first point of contact on 01949 20226.