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East Bridgford St Peter's Church of England Academy


Rotakids 2024


Rotakids Vision  - "Taking care of our community and our world"

  • To make an environmental difference to our school, community and globally.
  • To leave a legacy of good environmental energy saving habits. We will strive to achieve this by: a shock, inform and persuade approach so others will think carefully about the environment.
  • To put a smile on people’s faces.


How will we know we have been successful:

Our energy bills will be reduced.

The whole school will be able to talk about their energy saving habits at school and at home.

Children and adults will be able to articulate about global climate change and how they can make a difference.

persuade poster for teachers and children February 2023

Election results:

President = Nancy

Vice President = Aidan

Secretary = Isla

Vice Secretary = Charlie

Violia MRF visit & Miss Eco UK finalist visit to talk about the Environment


Vision  - "Taking care of our community and our world"


April 2019 saw our first ever meeting to elect roles.

Members from the Vale of Belvoir helped the 'children' on their way.

Environmental Rotakids 2022

Meeting with EB Garden Centre, EB Parish council, Rotary and EB Village magazine.