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Class 6

Year 6 SATs information for parents. 2017

Welcome to Class 6!


Welcome to Year 6.


Mr Tomlinson (Deputy Head) & Miss McHugh (SEND co-ordinator) are the Year 6 class teachers for 2016-2017


Enjoy a selection of photographs from Year 6. Useful information added throughout the academic year.


Don't let any issue grow, contact the school for an appointment if you have any concerns. 'Together in Achievement'


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Autumn Term 2016

Our Hand Values
Play for a Day. A Midsummer Night's Dream
Tudor Day: Beyond Expectation Experience
Tudor Day.
Shakespeare Diary work display
Tudor news filming day
Tudor News 'world premiere'
shoebox charity
Friary drop-in centre. Harvest gifts.
Southwell Minster. 'Living well together'

Spring Term 2017

How the badger got his stripes.
How the cow learnt to Moo
How the Flamingo got her pink feathers
How the tortoise got its shell
Year 6 reading to Year 3
Year 6 reading to Year 3
take Care story telling
involved story telling at its best
How the pig got a curly tail
Yr 3 listening to Yr 6 telling their JS Stories
Just So Stories...
How the hamster got its cheek pouches
Just so Stories...
Just So Stories...
Brothers sharing a story

Summer Term