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UKS2 - Mrs Marston


Welcome to Class 5/6!

I am very much looking forward to working with you this year. Some of you know me already know me from art, lacrosse and cookery clubs or have seen me round and about in the village with my two faithful spaniels.


Summer term 2!

This term our new topic is - Tomorrow's World

There are so many ways to communicate: text messages, blogs, emails and podcasts. Which do we prefer?

During this half term, we'll investigate the process of work that a blogger and podcaster goes through - and create out own podcast style audio-blog. After analysing data collected from surveys about our website, we’ll write a letter to our headteacher to recommend changes to our website. We’ll learn about the history of computing, which surprisingly goes back 6000 years to the Antikythera mechanism, and find out how optical fibre cables are used. Through further exploration of modern technology, we’ll learn about some of the amazing people responsible for its development. In our ICT work, we’ll investigate how to decide whether a website is trustworthy and what malware is. We’ll explore how to write an algorithm and how to keep safe online. We’ll learn all about lasers, and make periscopes and complex circuits...and robotic toys!

How can I help my child during this topic?

If the world today relies so heavily on technology, what will it be like in ‘tomorrow’s world’? Why not go on a technology hunt to locate computerised and robotic devices in your home? You could also create a survey to find out how much time your family and friends spend using technology each day. Alternatively, go online to research a significant figure in the computing world. What did they discover and how did this influence our daily lives?



Useful Information

  • I will be putting a weekly newsletter on the classpage rather than sending a paper copy home. Please can you make an effort to read it each week as information from it may be used in our weekly quiz. Information to follow regarding homework, spellings, times tables etc.
  • For this half term, PE will be on a Thursday. Children change at school but go home in their P.E. Please can pupils with long hair ensure that it is tied back, no jewellery should be worn and a clean drink bottle brought into school to use in the session. If children are unable to remove earrings, they should cover them with plasters. In cold or muddy weather, it is recommended that pupils bring in a warm jacket or top and appropriate footwear. Mr Tomlinson would like everyone to wear school P.E. kit.
  • Children do not need to bring in water bottles for other days as they have named cups that they can use.
  • If children wish to bring in their own stationery, please can they limit it to one pencil case each as our classroom is very compact.
  • Homework will be sent out on Fridays and expected back the following Friday. We will mark it in class on Friday mornings.
  • Please name all clothing and equipment.
  • To get an idea of life in Class 56, please look at the classpage archives for 2019/2020.


Weekly dates

  • Daily - Times Table Challenge
  • Thursday - P.E. (Year 5 and 6) with Harvey and Co!
  • Friday - Personalised and whole class spellings based on No Nonsense spellings taught during the week
  • Friday - Times tables/Mental Maths challenge 
  • Friday - Homework and weekly newsletter sent out
  • Friday - Previous week's homework marked as a class.



  • In UKS2, children are expected to read 6 books a term. A book log is kept at the back of the class for the children to record their reading progress. 
  • Children can read their own books from home or select ones from the library. Please can you encourage your child to read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.


HotSeat Talks

Each week , 2 pupils will give a HotSeat talk on a subject they have drawn out of a (virtual hat). The themes of these have been chosen by the class. Previous HotSeats have included Powerpoints, presentation, mini quizzes - even a very, very, very long poem one year. The children should aim for the talk to last about 15 minutes.  The aim is to develop research skills and confidence in presentation. I am always available to help and we have a folder of past HotSeats at the back of the classroom for reference. The timetable for these has been given out and is also on the class page.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email me on and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as reasonably possible. If your query is urgent and requires an immediate response, please contact the school office as the first point of contact on 01949 20226. 


Mrs Marston


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