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East Bridgford St Peter's Church of England Academy

Week beginning 11th January 2021


Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well and have been working hard over the last few days. It feels like it has been a very strange week – we were all in school as normal on Monday and now we are back to home learning or being at school with just a few other children.

We have really enjoyed seeing or reading about the work you have been doing – you should now all know where London is and be experts on Buckingham Palace and the Queen! Thank you for sending photos of your work over as we always love to hear from you. We will always reply but this may not be immediately as we are also working with children who need to be in school – they are doing the same work as all of you who are at home. Look out for our daily videos this week. They will tell you all about the work we would like you to complete for us. We will send the information to your grown-ups explaining where to find the video each day.​

We hope you have a super week!​

Take care,​

Miss Fisher, Mrs Gilbey, Miss Lancashire, Miss Carberry and Mrs Atkinson  :-)




Here are our maths and English activities for the week. There is a video every day to make sure you understand what you are being asked to do

You should:

Write using a sharp pencil

Use your home learning book where possible

Have a go at any spellings you are unsure of using your phonics

Write using your best take care handwriting trying to form all of your letters correctly and on the line.

Have fun 😊

Remember to email us with photos of your work and we will reply giving you feedback as soon as we possibly can.

The Day the Crayons Quit Story KS1

Monday - Add by counting on activity

Monday second video - Add by counting on

Tuesday - Add ones using number bonds - Part 1

Wednesday - Add ones using number bonds. Part 2

Thursday - Find and make number bonds.

Friday - Add by making 10