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Newsletter (& Homework)

Homework for next week (24th May 2024)

Year 3 - Purple Mash 2Dos (accessible from Saturday due to site updates)

Year 4 - Purple Mash 2Dos (accessible from Saturday due to site updates)

             Ultimate tables challenge 3 (previously completed sheets returned to children😺)

No spellings this week as on Friday I will be blind testing some of the children on 5-10 random words from the 3/4 spelling list, and variations of these words. (Such as adding on a suffix or prefix to the root word).

All - Topic - Science - In Science, we have been studying Electricity. During our studies, the children were really interested in how houses were powered and where in their houses they could find the fuse board. If you have chance and it is appropriate, please share with your children where your fuse board is located in your home and what it controls in your house, also emphasising the nature of not playing with it (!) or touching it without an adults permission. As you can appreciate, I couldn't show them ours at school but they were very intrigued! Thank you!

In advance, there will be no homework next week as we have the May half term to follow. Year 4s can take home an optional tables challenge that week if they wish.