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East Bridgford St Peter's Church of England Academy

Preschool - Mrs Morrell, Mrs Cruse, Mrs Spence, Miss Sandford


Welcome to all our Preschool families, both old and new! 


The Preschool Team is 

Mrs Morrell (Foundation 1- Lead) who will be teaching afternoons

Mrs Cruse (Foundation 1 - Deputy) who will be teaching mornings

Mrs Spence (Foundation 1 - Preschool Assistant) who will be teaching mornings

Miss Sandford  (Foundation 1 - Preschool Assistant) who will be teaching afternoons

How to contact us

We can be contacted via our email:

We will check this regularly, but suggest you contact the school office on 01949 20226 if you have an urgent enquiry.

What are we learning this week?

Whenever you ask, children always say nothing! This is very common!

Here you will find details of the topic being covered, how we will be covering this, as well as some simple ideas for you to try at home. 

What have we been up to?

Our Preschool photo gallery!

Take care,

Mrs Morrell, Mrs Cruse, Mrs Spence & Miss Sandford