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Upper Key Stage 2 – Miss Brownley

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We hope you find what you are looking for here. If you can't, or are stuck, please don't hesitate to ask.


What does this half term look like?


What are we looking at?

Driver subject - Geography

Tourism and the effect on the environment and its people.


Week 1-2 Place Value
Week 3-7 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.



Lost Words - Setting descriptions
Persuasive writing – linking to driver subject (Tourism and Natural Disasters)
Information texts – linking to driver subject (Tourism and Natural Disasters)


How can God bring justice and freedom?

Exploring how different religions look after the planet and care for the Earth and its creatures. How different religions help victims of natural disasters.


Evolution and Inheritance (animals including humans).

Geography (alternated each half term with History)

Natural disasters and how they effect tourism, the environment and people.


Keeping safe online.

Charanga Music / Choir

I’ll Be There / Mrs Gilbey School Choir


Creating a ‘Planet Earth’ style multimedia movie based on the driver subject – Geography


Junk Art (Reuse / Recycle / Renew – linking to driver subject).


External sports coaches


What about homework?

There will usually be 3 pieces per week and you will have one week to complete it. It will normally be times tables, Spellings and either an English or Maths based piece, depending on what we have covered that week. Creative pieces will be set in place of the 3 pieces and an appropriate time slot given to complete. Homework is due in each Friday - I will let you know in plenty of time if this day changes. We mark homework in class each Friday morning and discuss misconceptions in groups, supported by Mrs. Peach. Spellings are personalized and tailored for each child, tested on Friday's, and the new spellings for the following week are written in the 'Spelling list' area of the school diary.


What else do I need to know?

  • We are supported in class by Mrs. Peach.
  • Water bottles are welcomed and can be kept at the back of the classroom in the dedicated area.
  • Home/School communication - Any notes/letters for me can be written into the school diary. It is your child's responsibility to show these to me. Anything of urgent importance should always be communicated to the office as soon as possible.
  • PE is every Thursday for the whole afternoon.
  • Hygiene - roll-on deodorant is encouraged, as is the taking off of hoodies! (I would ask that no aerosol cans be bought to school due to these being a risk to setting off fire alarms and to people with respiratory issues). 
  • Extra clothing if children are doing multiple sporting activities each day - If children want to bring in additional clothes if they are doing more than one club a day then this is fine.


*Please note that KS2 SATs Week is Mon 11th May - Thurs 14th May 2020*

We will hold a SATs meeting after Christmas (date TBC) to give you more information about in school and after school boosters, SATs prep and practice tests.

*Residential date - Whitby Weds 17th June to Fri 19th June 2020*