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Learning at Home

Learning at Home

As we all know, learning at home is not always easy. Below are a few tips:


  • Ensure that your child is well enough to be learning.


  • Go easy on yourself and your child, keep everything short and sweet.


  • Although we have put the activities into a timetable format, please do not feel that you have to follow these exactly. Complete as many of the activities as you can, when you can and in whichever order you choose.


  • Ensure that you have lots of 'child-initiated' and outside times for you and your child to stay motivated and engaged.


  • The fascination of working with 4 and 5 year-olds is that they are often very good at letting their imaginations run riot. Enjoy it and run with it, your child will still be learning.

In the pages above you will find the class learning for our Woodland Phonic Group and our River Phonic Group. You will have been told which group your child is in by email.


The learning in both of these groups is exactly the same, with the exception of Phonics, which has been matched to your child's ability.