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East Bridgford St Peter's Church of England Academy

Year 2 Miss Fisher & Mrs Gilbey

Welcome to KS1 Home Learning!

We have planned some exciting activities for this week and hope to be able to connect with you differently next week. Please bear with us over this week as we begin to organise this half term. Remote learning provision information will be communicated to you later this week. Thank you for your understanding. As always, we want to see (virtually) and hear from all of you as much as possible to celebrate your efforts at home. Below is a timetable and links for the rest of this week to get you started. Our new topic for this term is “London” which to begin with will be all about our Queen, the capital city of London and all its famous landmarks. Your grown-ups will have had a message before Christmas about “A Great Fire of London Theatre Workshop” and we are hoping to rearrange this for when you are back at school so we can all enjoy this learning together. Please complete all written English and topic activities in your home learning book. Please complete one piece of maths, English and topic work per day. If you are printing sheets, you may stick them in your book in a “Take Care” way, or copy from the screen making sure you write your question number and answer clearly.

We will be in touch later in the week so have fun and remember to help your adults at home by listening carefully and trying your best. That’s all we can ask!

Take care,

Miss Fisher, Mrs Gilbey, Miss Lancashire, Miss Carberry and Mrs Atkinson  :-)