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Welcome to our online floor book/photo gallery, a place to discover some of the things we have been doing.

You will find the most recent week first.




W/C 12 Decmber 2023

All things Nativity and Christmassy! We wish all our children and families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

W/C 5 December 2022

"Dear Santa" is our current Talk4writing book and this turned into making our own Santa's workshop in the home corner, wrapping the presents and putting under the tree. We made snow people out of the playdough, got messy in the fake snow and ended the week with a Teddy Bear's picnic!

Winter wonderland dough gym routine | play dough finger gym to music

W/C 28 November 2022

This week the children have been writing their letters to Santa, getting dressed up, using tweezers on our funky fingers table to put pop-pom fairy lights on the string, washing and caring for the babies and at the end of the week decorating the Christmas tree.  Mark making fun was also had with the cars, making tracks on the large paper with the paint (a great acitivity to develop those muscles in the shoulders and arms!)

W/C 21 November 2022

This week has been all about farm animals. We have been making warm nests out of spaghetti and straws for the eggs, baking bread (as The Little Red Hen did) and playing with the farm animals in the small world. We have also introduced a new "Funky fingers" song called The Crocodile Snap. Give it a go!

Crocodile Snap is Moving

W/C 14 November 2022

This week we started learning the actions and words for our new Talk4writing book, Dear Zoo. We then investigated the different patterns that could be found on wild animals, made animal prints, built homes for the animals and turned the home corner into a vets.  We made our own Dear Zoo book by thinking of other animals that could be found in the book and the reason why we would "send them back!" The children have also been requesting the Animals in Action song which they may like to share with you at home.

Animals in Action | Movement Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

This brain break music and movement song has jungle music, lots of animals and opportunities for children to move like the animals move. This song also teaches children listening skills because it's a repeat after me song, too.

W/C 1 November 2022

Our topic is sparkle and shine. We are learning about some of the different celebrations that take place in Autumn.Fruit and veg stamping and making sparkly playdough to make diva lights. Using chalk to draw our own firework pictures and learning a firework poem.

W/C 17 October 2022

A visiting tractor!


W/C 10 October 2022

This week we have been learning all about hedgehogs. We met Henry Hedgehog who told us all about hibernation and what he likes to eat. We also have been remembering the words and actions of our Talk4writing book "That's Not My Hedgehog!"

W/C 3 October 2022

This week we started our new Dough Disco sessions. Have a try at home (see link below). We also continued with our Autumn theme and looked at the changes in colour and texture that occur with leaves. We counted pumpkin seeds, looked at pictures of pumpkins and the children had a go at drawing their own pumpkin picture, some of which went onto their own part of our "Wow Work" display in the classroom.

Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing! Easy to follow playdough routine which is 3 minutes long. Want to download? Find the mp3 at Sing along with the music, squeezing, rolling and splatting!

W/C 26 September 2022

The children have been learning the school prayer this week and are really trying out their "listening ears" during our circle times. They also really like our "Funky Fingers" song, animal numbers (see below) and are learning to "Choose it, use it, TAKE CARE of it and put it away" with our toys.


Animal Fingers | Fingerplay Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

W/C 20 September 2022

This week we went on a nature walk and collected lots of things to investigate later with our magnifying glasses.

W/C 5 & 12 September 2022

We have been getting to know each other and drawing pictures of our families. On Friday we went and collected apples from our school apple tree, cut them up and did some printing.