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News and Learning from Home - Summer Term


From now on I will put the latest news and learning challenges at the top of the page. In the past, as you will have noticed, I have added new bulletins at the bottom of the page. However I realise that this means that you have to scroll through all the old posts until you get to the new stuff - not the best idea! Don't forget to send examples of your work to me via the class email. I am especially keen to see your power research (and associated persuasive writing) and your job application work. If you are stuck with anything on the Home Learning page, please let me know and I will do my best to help. 


18th April 2020


Goedemorgen! Which language is that Good Morning in?

I hope that you have managed to enjoy the sunshine and do lots of outdoor activities in the garden, maybe some of you will have planted sunflowers, flowers or vegetables. I look forward to hearing all about your hols. Someone sent me a link to Tiny Kitchen on YouTube. The chefs create real meals but in miniature - check out Tiny Kitchen Full English Breakfast and Tiny Kitchen risotto; they are incredible and I would love to know how they do it. It is like a complete cookery lesson in miniature (and much more fun than curriculum planning or policy writing which is what I am supposed to be doing)!


Have any of you been following Captain Tom and his incredible twenty million pound fundraising achievement? He is going to be 100 on April 30th and an 8 year old girl, Reegan Davies (@DaviesReegan), has set up a challenge for children all over the world to make him a special birthday card. She hopes that it will be a great way of saying thank you for his efforts. Already lots of children worldwide have done so already sharing their work using the #makeacardfortom. If you want to make a card and post it, the address is Captain Tom Mooore, c/o Post Office Limited, 67 Bedford Road, Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, MK43 0LA.


 I am especially impressed by Captain Tom because he is:

  • VERY positive (and you know how much we like positivity)
  • Making a difference
  • Challenging himself to go Beyond Expectation
  • Not using his age as a barrier to stop himself achieving (applies to any age group)
  • Paying it Forward (where you repay a good deed or kindness by doing the same for other people)
  • Just being inspiring!

Who has impressed or inspired you lately and why?

Have a good weekend.





Hi folks!


Great to see your photos and work on the school newsletter and on our webpage. If you want to showcase your work or home-learning achievements, just email the photos or news to If you only want the work on our class page, ask your parents to email on the class email. Thank you.

Keep in touch!


Today I found a brilliant free download colouring book from The National Portrait Gallery. This will accompany their Thursday live drawing session. Lots of other museums and art galleries are doing this so get an adult to checkout the sites for you when they are not busy with work.  The Bowes Museum near Newcastle has a craft session online and, as it hosted a monster Lego exhibition last year, is sure to include something to do with that!

Have a great weekend.

Hi guys!

Hope that you are all doing well with your home learning pack and remembering to help your parents with daily jobs! Make sure that you are getting some fresh air too and giving your pets some attention - they might be wondering why you are around so much!  An interesting and useful learning site to go on is Duolingo where you can learn a language in a fun way. There are lots of languages to choose from but I would try and pick one that is easily accessible i.e. French, Spanish, German etc. The language is taught through picture matching, mini conversations and word exercises. It is free (there is an option to pay but you don't need to). It can be done on a phone, laptop, computer or tablet.


For fitness, don't forget GoNoodle which has umpteen fun fitness and learning activities that cover everything from maths to English to science to music to mindfulness to … just about anything.


I am hoping to see the scores on the Umbozo quiz on Oddizzi go through the roof! The office is sending out a link that will enable your parents to access the learning resource site as well as teachers. Lots of chefs and cookery schools are doing live learning seminars (Bread Ahead in London did one on ginger cake making yesterday).


However, the weather is good so get outside and make yourself a keep fit challenge (safe one!) or draw what you see for your daily diary update. Inside, why not write a letter to an elderly or isolated relative or invent a quiz for the family to enjoy - test them on their musical knowledge by singing a few bars of your favourite songs (on second thoughts, perhaps no to the singing as you may find yourself unexpectedly isolated by the rest of the family!).


If you have any drawings or poems, stories etc that you want to share, email them in on the class email (your parents know the details) so that I can put them on our class page.


Take care, keep safe


Mrs M


Hi Everyone,


Hope day 2 of homeschooling is going ripsnortingly well. You will be delighted/shocked/pleased/incredulous to learn that my classroom is starting to almost, well almost, look tidy and super organised. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what is the link there? Blue and Isla are very interested in the whole isolation thing with both thinking that we ( me and the two of them) could use the greenhouse where their supply of dog food and treats are kept as our base. They have also helpfully shown me where the dog brushes are kept although Blue got over enthusiastic and started to eat hers. Isla is keen to do a bit of ball retrieving in the garden but, as you already know, Blue hasn't got the hang of this so it is a case of self retrieving tennis balls.


I am busy looking for fun things for you to do - hope that you have made some brilliant maps on Digimaps and are super fit from GoNoodling.  Let me know how you are getting on with language learning - Lydia from Year 6 is already learning French on Duolingo. Today whilst I have been working, I have been watching author Emily Gravett read Tidy on Two Hoots Story Time. Her little dog was very funny trying to contribute to the reading! This might be more suitable for younger brothers and sisters (or elderly teachers) but they also have drawalong sessions and activities. Have a look at https:/ if you look on you will some other activities.


Look after each other, enjoy the sunshine and be kind.


Mrs M



Spanish for hello for those of you that haven't remembered.

Hope you are all getting on well with the Joe Wicks Workout - found it very exhausting yesterday but much better today. Did you see Joe bosh himself on the mouth doing one exercise? Looked like something I would do!


Oddizzi are sending me some exciting geography activities which I will put on this page as soon as I work out how to do it so that you can open it - not 100% successful at the moment but I will get there. I need Mrs Smith! If you have any exciting news or photos, don't forget to send them into the school newsletter.

Today's challenge

Without using the internet, try and do an A - Z of collective nouns. Ask your family to contribute. Next week I will send you my list so we can compare notes. No internet - no cheating. Here's one to start you off. A MURDER of crows.


Don't forget Mathisfun for worksheets and lessons on just about every aspect of maths.


Hasta luego!



Hope that you have had a great weekend and been able to enjoy being outside in your garden. I actually got snowed on today but then apparently it was snowing on the day I was born, March 28th! Today whilst shopping for my elderly father I got asked if I was under 70! Must stock up on face cream or plaster of Paris when the shops open again.


For those of you who did this week's collective noun challenge, I will be revealing my list tomorrow; I wonder who has the most. I hope that NOBODY cheated and used the internet!


This week I want some maths quizzes inventing to test your classmates in UKS2. You could design a times table/division challenge, a cross number, some fraction/percentage word problems, a true or false sheet involving all aspects of number or a maths conundrum (no, I'm not telling you what a conundrum is - look it up yourself). Send your efforts in on the class email and I will put them on our page or the UKS2 page.


Last year Evan designed a model for people to create out of cardboard by designing the net and component parts, Hopefully I can scan it at school this week and put it on our webpage for you to try out. If anyone else wants to design a 3d model that can be made from a 2d net, test it out first to make sure it works and then email it in on the class email and I will put it on our page or the UKS2 page.


For those super keen to do SATs style learning, parents can access past papers on the web (complete with answers). However, I've only put this on our class page so its up to you whether you pass on this information!


Keep safe, look after your family and enjoy a different type of learning.  I am missing you all HUGELY, no one here appreciates my fantastic jokes!


The fish in our class tank are all well and the bottom feeder sends his/her love to Harold!

Monday 30th March

Phew! Don't Joe Wicks workout in school, listened to Emily Gravett read a story, watched How to Draw a Dragon (Emily G again) AND … got rained on!  The In School Crew have done their hour of maths and hour of English and are now all busy on the creative work from the home learning pack. Hope you are all getting on well and doing new things too. I have put Evan's model and instructions on the page as promised.


Well - onto collective nouns - before I do the big reveal I have decided to put on two fun activities (ok, they are worksheets but hey …) to warm you up.

Monday Challenge

How many words can you make from East Bridgford St. Peter's CE Academy? Start with the two letter words and then onto 3 letter words etc. You can only use each letter once in each word and they have to be genuine 100% real words.  I think that you should be able to make at least 250! Let me know how you get on.


Have fun!

Morning chaps and chapesses!


Hope that you have done your daily Joe Wicks - we have! My plan to do a canine version of Joe Wicks for those pooches limited to one walk continues to fail as Blue and Isla don't seem very good at following my fantastic detailed instructions. I will keep trying and post a video as soon as they reach the required standard - I feel sure that I am onto a winner here! I've outlined the benefits - lean, fit and gorgeous (Isla says she is that already) and a lifetime of organic Irish Rover dog treats but it just isn't working … YET!

On a more educational note, Miss B has put on some more interactive maths lessons and resources to stop your brains freezing. Keep looking at the home learning site to see what is new. I hope that some of you have downloaded the Week 1 Oddizzi resources. More to follow...


Today we watched the reading of The Book Burglar and also Michael Rosen performing some of his poems. Chocolate Cake is probably still our top fave. Yesterday we watched Rotten Romans - not sure about their habit of going to the loo whilst having a meal.


Daily Challenge.

The answer is 59.62. What is the question? Rules are as usual - no just adding or subtracting 1, no more than 2 operations (+, -, x, divide) in each sum. Who can find more than 25?


Good luck, let me know how you are getting on via the class email.


Mrs M


Hope that week 2 of learning at home is going well and that you have all learnt to do something new - like make your own sandwiches for lunch, use the vacuum cleaner, brush your dog/cat or set yourself a keep fit challenge. How many of you have been doing Joe Wicks? The In School Crew have been doing very well even if somedays we have had to do a previous session as the internet has been very temperamental.  Yesterday (Happy Birthday, Grace), we did a watercolour painting session using Nick's Colors on YouTube. If you want to do this at home go to  Simple Watercolor Painting For kids Lighthouse and Seascape. I think it could easily be adapted to other media such as crayons, paints, charcoal or simple pencil shading. He also does landscapes and many other interesting things.  If you do a painting or picture, please send it in to either the school newsletter or to the class email if you only want it on our class page.

How is the science investigation going on forms of power? Remember to do the research before you start the poster arguing the pros and cons of one type of power. I would also be interested to know how many people have tackled week 1 of the Oddizzi resources(Places). I will also be very excited to see your job application letters. Don't forget to email them in on the class email. It would be LOVELY to hear from you as this remote teaching feels very strange.

Don't forget that the next 2 weeks are the Easter Holidays when normally you wouldn't be doing any work (school) but definitely would be lots of fun things at home with your family. Any Easter bonnet, egg decorating activities would be great to send to the newsletter.


Happy Easter


How many people did Joe Wicks in fancy dress today? If you did, send in your photo to The weather is promising to be good for the next few days so get out in the sunshine and spot the birds mentioned in the school Easter Challenge.

I have uploaded the latest Oddizzi resources for home learning so have a look and test your knowledge of physical features.  Today's challenge is to write an alliterative acrostic poem featuring a different country for all the letters of the alphabet. It might be impossible to make all of the sentence alliterative but do your best. If doing countries is too difficult (use your planners), try using cities instead.

Happy Easter - hope that you get to eat some chocolate!


Mrs M, Isla and Blue

Happy Monday!

Interesting fact of the day: One of Mr Tomlinson's favourite bands is called the Happy Mondays.

Hope that you are all well and managing to eat chocolate or even ordinary eggs! How much have you done to help in the garden or house to make life fun and easier during lockdown?  I have heard from Robert, Catherine, Chloe, Oscar and Noah (via Noah's dad) who have all been very busy doing very creative and interesting things including making a fantastic Arts Award portfolio, researching an writing an information book, baking, gardening and researching different forms of power! Well done, hopefully more photos to follow. If you have something to share, please email it directly to me on the class email to go on the class page or to  if you want it in the weekly Newsletter.


Yesterday Jessica organised a canine Easter Egg Hunt (using dog treats not chocolate) for Isla and Blue. They watched her lay out the trail and then were released to find the treasure. They were very excited BUT confused and needed quite a lot of help to find the 3 treats each set out for them. After successfully (eventually) finding and eating the treasure, Blue spent the rest of the day re-investigating the route just to make sure that the Easter Bunny hadn't replenished the stock of biscuits!


Today's (well this week's challenge) is to identify and name the different cloud formations listed below. 

  1. cirrocumulus
  2. stratocumulus
  3. cumulonimbus
  4. cirrus
  5. altocumulus
  6. altostratus
  7. stratus
  8. cumulus

You will need to find out about height, appearance and when the clouds are most likely to appear. I would really like it if you could draw and label the clouds.

Next week I will be trialling SeeSaw with Class 5/6. You will be able to show me your work and I will be able to set you activities and give you feed back. Your parents will be getting an email asking for their permission for you to join the class page before I can send you anything. It all looks really exciting and is already used in lots of schools worldwide, even before Coronavirus). You will be able to show me your cloud work and lots more (hopefully). Keep your eyes peeled for more news!


Have a great second week of the holidays. Don't forget to send me your news and photos.


Mrs M + canine support team.





Paul Sturgess in action



Round the World with Barbie


Christmas Stars