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East Bridgford St Peter's Church of England Academy

Important information

Useful Information 

In our classroom this year we will be supported at times by Mrs Smith.

Homework will be set every Friday to be completed by the following Friday. Details of this and the weekly newsletter will be put on the class page on the website. Usually homework will consist of a piece of English, maths and spellings/times tables practice.  We mark together as a class on Fridays.  We will go over the task expectation in class when it is handed out but if your child is struggling, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can help them.  Occasionally homework will be of a creative nature and children will be given longer to complete it. I will give plenty of warning and will also endeavour to ensure that it doesn’t involve expense or big trips to Hobbycraft or online shopping!  



A clean, fresh water bottle is to be brought into school every day and put next to the water dispenser. Children are encouraged to drink regularly throughout the day. They do not have to ask permission to get a drink.


School diaries and reading books - These will be used in school by the children as well as at home, so they will need bringing in each day.  Children are welcome to bring in their own books to read from home, however we do have a large and varied selection in our school library. The expectation in Year 5 is that children will read a minimum of 6 books a term. It would be really helpful if you could encourage your child to talk about the book they are reading or discuss books that you enjoyed as a child. Book Trust has an excellent book finder tool that helps introduce children to authors they have not read before. 



It is worth keeping in mind that if you are able to fill in forms online for the office, or email these, rather than children bringing in printed versions, this is much quicker.  

Communication - If you have any queries, please feel free to use to contact the office, who will forward your queries on to me. We will also be present on the playground after school. If your query is urgent and requires an immediate response, please call the school office as the first point of contact on 01949 20226. 



If your child is off for any reason, letters given out that day will be placed in a named plastic wallet in the class letter folder.  Please can you remind your child to see if they have missed anything.



To cut down on costs, the Head Teacher’s Weekly Newsletter is now sent home via email. It is also put on the school website. It would be really nice if you could spend time reading it at home with your child. We encourage pupils to share their achievements, sporting or otherwise and really appreciate any contributions of art, quizzes, poems etc.


Class Admin

  • Children will move place every week
  • Wherever possible, each table will have an equal number of boys and girls. Please let me know if your child needs to sit close to the board or is unhappy with their place
  • Children do not sit on the carpet in Year 5
  • Children should bring in their water bottle every day. This can be refilled with the plumbed in water cooler. We encourage children to hydrate regularly throughout the day; they do not need to ask for permission.
  • Apart from the input of the lesson (usually about 15 minutes) children are free to go to the loo when they need to. They do not need to ask for permission.
  • If children wish to bring in birthday sweets or cakes, please can you ensure that they are nut and sesame free


Please can you regularly check your child’s hair for nits and inform school if they have these uninvited visitors.

Most importantly

It is very important to me that your child is happy in school (especially in class). Please help me to ensure that they are by letting me know for any reason if they are not – e.g. has any worries, is being bothered by class work, school or another child. I will do my best to rectify the situation/help. Similarly, if you have any queries or need to let me know important medical information/change of circumstances, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by putting a note in the diary or contacting the school office. A worry or problem is more easily dealt with at the onset rather than letting it get bigger because you don’t want to bother me -a happy child = a happy teacher! If your child has done something amazing, demonstrated the school values or made you proud, please encourage them to tell me and share with the rest of the class so we can celebrate.


I look forward to teaching your child for the rest of this year.