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Wonderful work

Kara's robot!
Chloe's robot!
Georgia's Acrostic
A beautiful Thank You from Georgia
Oscar solves the Rubik's Cube conundrum!
Thomas' Poem
Catherine keeping up with Year 6 work, well done!
Isaac's great birthday card for Captain Tom
Joe's Poem
Rosa's Spanish weather game
Rosa the game designer
Rosa's poem
School work home style
Oscar the digital designer
William's Job Application
Roberto the poet

Working from Home - Maths in Action

Seb and Oscar in times table battle!
Oscar learns Binary
Oscar loving Binary
Practical maths - perimeter
Measuring carefully
Plan view map of the perimeter for new border

Science Fun!

Rosa transforms an egg into a bouncy ball!
Corey's eggciting experiment
Corey recreates the Solar System!
Blind tasting with Oscar, Sebastian and Florence!
The big moment!
Oscar LOVES Stilton!
Rosa's Stephen Hawking Research
Rosa's Science Experiment
Rosa testing out Stephen Hawking's theories
Roberto the Celery Experimenter
Part 1 Oscar experimenting with filtration

Design Technology

Samson and his home made coin sorter
The finished product

Working from Home - ICT

Pippa's super Purplemash Spaceship
Eleanor's fab Purplemash Spaceship
Oscar's interactive Twine story writing and coding
Oscar's interactive Twine story writing and coding
Oscar's interactive Twine story writing and coding
Oscar's interactive Twine story writing and coding

Creative Craftwork

Evan's Bridge
Evan's pea maze
Eleanor and Pippa's Loch Ness Monster
Pippa and Eleanor make masks
Teddies have masks too!
Eva models her mask
Mask made by Eva Fashions

Working from Home Chefs

Grace and her fantastic brownies
Yummy brownies researched and cooked by Grace
Grace's cookie recipe
Theo being Jamie Oliver
Harry's Pizza Oven Pizza
Georgia the Chef!
Super yummy cookies created by Georgia
Duck and quail eggs - delicious says Catherine!
Chloe the Cake Sale Queen
Chloe the Baker
Grace and Tom the Pizza People
Oscar's pizza party
Bubble and Squeak creating cupcakes
Baking Bunny
Creative Catherine cooks
Catherine's Cookies
Catherine's yummy cake
Beautiful Buns!
Catherine's Culinary Experiments!
Catherine's bird feast feeders!
Rosa made this amazing birthday cake for her dad!
Corey cooks American breakfast for all his family
The verdict? Totally delicious!
V.E. Baking
Catherine's scrumptious cakes
Super yummy toasties by Catherine

V.E. Celebrations

Eleanor and Pippa's vintage V.E. Day Tea.
Welcome to Harry's V.E. Day
All set and ready to go!
V.E. Day Cake Spectacular at Harry's.
V.E. Day Pizza Time!
Preparing the banner
The finished V.E. street decorations
Close up of catherine's artwork
Yay! Catherine, not surprisingly, wins a prize!
Catherine and her dad, Keith, celebrate V.E. Day.
Catherine and her mum,  Janine, celebrate V.E. Day
V.E.Day cakes by Catherine

Art Works

Eleanor's Safari Sunset
Pippa paints the sunset
Eleanor and Pippa's Flower Power
Eleanor's awesome animal art
Pippa's animal crackers
Noah's sketch of Croft Rise
Noah's Room
Grace and her new friend, Robbie the Robot!
Samson with the rocket model that he built at home
Catherine holding the sun!
Catherine's rainbow butterfly with cliff scene in.
Rosa using National Gallery online to do drawing lessons in style of Vincent Van Gogh
Rosa's National Gallery art lesson work
Rosa's charcoal art blackbird
Roberto's bird art
Oscar's Hama bead pixel video game art challenge
Hama Time - W.I.P.
The final Hama characters

Working from Home - Gardens

The twins' sunflower challenge
William digging an escape route
William the Gardener
Catherine creates
Catherine making the garden beautiful
Not Bob the builder but Catherine!
Creative Catherine (of course)
Great job Catherine
Blossom photographer Catherine
Isaac being 'helped' by his dad!
Roberto the Seedsman
Rosa sowing seeds
Rosa's handpainted pots ready for summer.
All things bright and beautiful
All things Bright and beautiful at Catherine's

Indoor Fun - Working from Home

Keeping up with violin practice
Den fun

Outdoor Fun!

Theo the Swingball Star
Theo the Footie Champ
Riverside Theo
Georgia keeping fit
Glamping with Georgia
Keep fit with Oscar
Chloe and Noah on their bike marathon
Chloe and Noah cycling up steep hills!
Maid Marion
Catherine and keith's campout
Time for bed! Sleep tight Catherine
Isaac surveying the scenery whilst cycling
Isaac getting ready for a big outdoor adventure
Rosa's outdoor arty party fantastic!
Easter Egg hunt for Pippa and Eleanor
Trampoline time

Animal Watch during Lockdown

Eddie the cat 'finds' a frog!
Eleanor to the rescue
Gently picking him up
Much safer now
On his way to a neighbour's pond
The Deer that came for tea at Catherine's!
The Deer that came for tea at Catherine's!
The Deer that came for tea at Catherine's!
The Deer that came for tea at Catherine's!
The Deer that came for tea at Catherine's!

Pet's Corner

Georgia and Arthur!
Best Friends
After her operation Lucy had to wear a babygro!
Lucy's Lockdown Haircut.

The adventures of Oscar!

Joe Wicks?
Bouncing around
Famous 4
Oscar keeping it under his hat
Prize pooch
Daily walk
Doing school work
Easter egg hunt
Science analysis

The Adventures of Frank

Frank the Chef
Deer Frank!
Frank manages to stay in touch with footie
Countryfile Frank and Footie dad
We Love Nottingham
Wollaton Hall - exploring Notts heritage
Photographer Frank
Love me, love my dog!
Frank finds out that Einstein visited Nottingham U
Frank feeling cheesy!
Local tour
Exploring our local area
Frank the Photographer
Cycling tour
Meditation time - Come on! song renamed