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Reception - Mrs Gibbens / Mrs Morrell


Welcome to Reception

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the children and parents of our Reception Class September 2022



The Reception Team this year...


Mrs Gibbens (Deputy Head teacher)

Mrs Morrell

Mrs Boultby

Miss Horsfield


What will we be learning in Reception?


In Reception we are entering the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Clicking here will take you to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Information page.


We know that many of you like to know what they will be doing during the day. In the pages below you will find information on our topics and areas of learning.



Useful Information


Much of our learning in Reception is done through play. The children are having fun whilst developing their skills and knowledge across a range of carefully planned activities and enhancements. This means that when they get home to you, they may very well tell you that they have been playing because to them, that is what they have been doing.



  • PE will continue on a Wednesday. On a Wednesday, we will be doing PE in the hall so children will need the usual shorts and T-shirt (optional PE shoes). Later in the term, we may be outside so it would be helpful if the children could have longer sports trousers such as leggings or jogging bottoms, a warm jumper or sports jacket and trainers or plimsoles at this time.


  • Every morning the children will be offered water and a small snack. This is usually a small piece of fruit, a carrot or tomato. Milk is given to the children in the afternoon and is free until they have their 5th birthday. If you have registered with Cool Milk you will receive an email when it is time to start paying for your child's milk. Please go to the Cool Milk website for more information 


  • Water is freely available at almost all times of the day (just not at carpet time) and we encourage the children to independently help themselves to water at regular times during the day. Each child has their own numbered cup so they do not need a water bottle in school.


  • We will be using our Outside Classroom daily and in all weathers, so it is important that the children have suitable clothing for this. A waterproof coat is essential for wet weather and we recommend sun hat and lotion for the few sunny days that we get in this country!


  • And finally.... please LABEL EVERYTHING that your child brings into school. That way, we can usually find things when they go missing.

Information about Reading, Mathematics and the other Areas of Learning can be found on the EYFS Information Page. 


You can find this page by clicking here.