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Week 1 Home Learning (week beg. 4.01.2021)

Update 5th January 2021:

As per Mr Tomlinson's letter, remote learning provision information will be communicated to you later this week (please see full letter here sent out on 4th January:


For home learning for this week, in the first instance, please see the information set out below. Please bear with us today (Tuesday) while we begin to organise this within our team. Thank you for your understanding.


Please find all work for the week commencing 4th January detailed below. 


MATHS - Week Commencing 4th January: Perimeter

Monday - Perimeter on a Grid


Tuesday - Perimeter of a Rectangle


Wednesday - Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes


Thursday - Calculate Perimeter


Friday - Perimeter Challenge

Problem Solving with Perimeters. 

The documents are attached in the Resource folder at the bottom of this page.



ENGLISH - Week commencing 4th January


Monday - My Christmas Holiday

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many reasons. Each of you will have your own reasons as to why your Christmas was different to the rest. It could be you did certain activities, played certain games or just sat by the fire watching Christmas films. I would love to hear about your Christmas, which I am sure you would love to share! Make sure to keep on top of your punctuation and sentence starters! :) 


Tuesday - Time Travellers - Goodbye Hatty

Before Christmas, we finished 'Tom's Midnight Garden'. You have spent lots of time with Hatty in the Garden, and you also spent time with Hatty once you were leaving to go back home. Can you write a letter to Hatty saying goodbye. In this writing, you might want to retell memories about the two of you. 


Wednesday - Time Travellers - Back to 2020 - My Year in Review

Well, 2020 was a rollercoaster wasn't it! Today, can you create a doodle page showcasing your 2020? Mrs. Brownley has kindly included some example pages in the resources section at the bottom of this page, to give you an idea of how to do this. Go crazy with information and colour, really personalise it. Yes you can use a whole page, even a double spread if you feel like it. Express yourself! 


Thursday - Time Travellers - Back to 2020 - Change & Grow

If you could change or relive one moment of your 2020, what would it be? This should be a written piece detailing what your memory is, who was there, where you were, when it took place, why you want to change or relive it and how you could or would do this. 


Friday - Time Travellers - Look to the future! New Year's Resolutions

Many people look to a new year with hope and a fresh, clean outlook. What do you hope to achieve this year? Use the template in the resources section to help you, or use this for inspiration to write your own in your home learning handbook.