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Welcome to our Maths Zone!

The first few years of a child’s life are especially important for mathematics development. Our objective is to ensure that all children develop firm mathematical foundations in a way that is engaging, and appropriate for their age.


There are six key areas of early mathematics learning, which collectively provide a platform for everything children will encounter as they progress through their maths learning at primary school, and beyond.


  • Cardinality and Counting: Understanding that the cardinal value of a number refers to the quantity, or ‘howmanyness’ of things it represents
  • Comparison: Understanding that comparing numbers involves knowing which numbers are worth more or less than each other
  • Composition: Understanding that one number can be made up from (composed from) two or more smaller numbers
  • Patterns: Looking for and finding patterns helps children notice and understand mathematical relationships
  • Shape and Space: Understanding what happens when shapes move, or combine with other shapes, helps develop wider mathematical thinking
  • Measures: Comparing different aspects such as length, weight and volume, as a preliminary to using units to compare later


Click on the links below to find some activities you can do with your child at home based on these six key areas. 

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