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Mrs Marston Challenges

May 22nd Challenge Details

This week I am asking you to do either an entry for the Spirited Art Competition or The Creation Letter Project. Of course, if you are very enthusiastic, you can do both. I would really love to see copies of your work but obviously you will need to submit them to the organisers yourself. Mr Tomlinson is VERY enthusiastic about pupils doing this work so will be very impressed by those who get creative and enter their designs or letter. All the details are covered in the pdfs above but if you need more help, email me on the class email.


Good Luck

May 7th


My challenge for you this week is to draw, write, video or create a memory model of working with Miss Peckover. I am sure by now that you will all have seen that she is retiring this year and I know that many of you have happy memories of performing in plays with her, doing fab through the keyhole work, learning about Elvis (Uhuh) and World Book Day to name but a few. I think it would be really lovely to mark her amazing contribution to the school and say THANK YOU.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Don't forget to send in examples of your challenge work. 


Mrs M

April 30th

This week I would like you to find out all about the Beaufort Wind Scale. Here are some questions to help you formulate your ideas and research.

  • What is the highest number on the Beaufort wind scale?
  • What sort of things happen at scale force 6?
  • Try and find out the different wind speeds at each level?
  • What sort of things would you expect to happen at scale force 12?
  • Describe what smoke might do at Scale force 0.

I think the best way to do this would be to draw up a table. A good site to use to help find the facts is:


Finally test all the adults you know on their knowledge of the Beaufort Wind scale! If you are video calling your grandparents, you may find that they are experts as this is one of the things they had to learn off by heart at school!


I would love to see your work so please email it into our class page. I am still looking forward to seeing the cloud work challenge results (hint, hint!).