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Week Beginning: 18th Jan

Microsoft Teams


We hope that you have seen all the documentation that we have sent out about our Home Learning moving to Microsoft Teams this week. As a school we have had to get to grips with this new style of learning and we understand that you will as well. For this week then, during this change over, we will put the work on both this website and in the Assignments tab in Teams.

A few parents have raised concerns so just to clarify for parents of Reception children.


  • We will not be moving fully onto 'Live' teaching. This is not always the best way for young children to learn as their levels of concentration waiver considerably. Each day, there will be some live lessons that you can attend if you wish but we will also video these and then post them. This means if you wish to wait a little and watch them later, then you can.
  • We will still be sending videos as we have this week, they will just be accessible on Assignments not on the website.
  • If you are worried about the live sessions, then please don't be. We can assure you, we are far more worried than you are. We work closely with young children every day and know this is not going to be easy. So if you prefer to carry on with videos, please do, if you are happy to join the live then please do that.
  • The two sessions that we will be running this week, will be an interactive letter formation session and a story time. Both will probably last a maximum of 10 - 15 minutes if all goes to plan.


Here is the link to the RM Unify that will get you into the site. If you are still having problems then Miss Fisher has created this short document to help you log into Teams directly.