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House Teams

Our House Captains for 2023 2024

Our House Team Captains for 2022-2023

Summer Term 2023 Winners: Numbers.

House Winners. Easter2023. Luke: Kindness

Our House Captains for 2021-2022

Spring term 2022 House Winners: Numbers

Autumn term 2021 (joint) House Winners. Numbers & Corinthians

Spring & Summer terms 2021 House Winners! Corinthians

Our House Captains 2020 2021

2021 Sports Day House Winners! Numbers.

Autumn term House Winners!

House Team winners for autumn term is... Team Numbers (Blue). Collectively, over 4000 house points earned for showing values, effort, great attitude to learning and being a take care person.

Our house team names link to our Ethos Model for Excellence and the four bible quotes.


Whole school/ Classroom tokens are used to reward and promote positive behaviour for learning.

These token reinforcers are used as physical ‘merit points’ and are awarded to pupils for doing something well, such as:

Exhibiting target behaviour for learning.

Completing an academic task.

Improving concentration and focus on a task.

Being well prepared and ready to learn.

Achieving success criteria for a lesson.


Fruit trees. Planting a legacy