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See our RSE PSHE policy, under policies.


RSE links to both Science and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). It is not simply ‘bolted on,’ as children go through puberty, but should be gradually developed as an integral part of the 
curriculum in a way that is appropriate to the age of the children. 

RSE is not just about reproduction and sexual health. These are important, of course, but RSE must also strive to enable children to act responsibly in making and maintaining relationships with others and to develop assertiveness skills and emotional intelligence with regard to resisting unwelcome pressure.
One of the greatest difficulties that 
children face as they grow up in today’s technological world is that of 
the conflicting beliefs and values that develop from the constant stream of images of sex and relationships as depicted by the media. They also receive informal sex education – of varying degrees of accuracy – in their 
everyday lives. This can be very 
To pass from childhood through 
adolescence successfully and safely, children need plenty of opportunities to make choices and decisions, and to take responsibility for those parts of their lives over which they have some control. They must receive the right information and be relied upon to do the right thing. Withholding information will harm them and others as ignorance can lead to inappropriate behaviour.

In PSHE, we teach children about 
relationships and we encourage children to discuss issues related to this.