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Visions and Values

Our core purpose is one of 'Profound Personal Development' and 'striving for life in all its fullness (John 10:10).

Together in achievement, we can discover, along your child's journey here at St Peter's, who they are but more importantly who they can become.. now and in the future. 


Every child learning, achieving & enjoying in a culture of opportunity & ambition within a climate of participation.

Everything we do here is 'For children... for all' we will, with your support and backing, actively encourage participation through the many opportunities we are constantly aiming to provide, in school & out of school. Ultimately, for your child to discover who they can become, shaped through participation, showing effort, determination, resilience and a 'take care' attitude towards new and exciting learning opportunities.


St Peter's is simply a 'Take Care' school where we; take care of ourselves, each other, the world and with our work.


Our Values (on our hand/fingers):

*Take Care

*Aspire (aim high)

*Integrity (doing the right thing, even when no one else is looking)

*Work Hard

*Be Proud


The 'Take Care' value is on our thumb because we say 'Take Care' can then TOUCH every other value! Clever!

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