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DIY Coin Sorting Machine to make from cardboard

Samson found this DIY Coin Sorting Machine to make from Cardboard and thought other people might like to have a go at it too.For this project you need cardboard, cutting knife and glue. Samson's models are on the class page photos. Well done Samson.

How to Draw Eyes

This tutorial gives you a basic look at the shapes and anatomy needed for drawing realistic eyes. We did this in class and it is really good.

How to Draw a Nose

This tutorial gives you a basic look at the shapes and anatomy needed for drawing realistic noses.

How to Draw a Mouth

This tutorial gives you a basic look at the shapes and anatomy needed for drawing realistic mouths.

How to Draw Ears

This tutorial gives you a basic look at the shapes and anatomy needed for drawing realistic ears.

Learn Japanese - Learn to Introduce Yourself in Japanese!

I have been told that Japanese people find it really easy to learn Welsh so, following on from last week, here's a lesson in how to introduce yourself in Japanese!

Kids Art | How To Create Monoprints

A fun and easy tutorial on how to create monoprints for kids at home. Materials needed: - acrylic paint - circle cardboard template - sponge brush - tinfoil ...

Kids Have Fun Growing Cress Seeds At Home | Making Egg, Mayonnaise And Cress Sandwiches

In this video, we enjoyed growing cress, an edible fast-growing plant packed with nutrients. We used the cress we grew to make egg, mayonnaise and cress sand...

Rumba 04 de mayo

Keep fit and funky! Dance your socks off with our favourite ClubBodyTech instructor!

How to Make a Wind Vane - School Project for Kids

Simple idea - How to Make a wind vane. WARNING - Please use a pair of scissors not a craft knife to cut the straw.

Learn Welsh 1 - Hello and Goodbye

Learn useful Welsh words and phrases in a series of language learning videos. In this video Jason teaches a variety of ways to say hello and goodbye in Welsh...

THE HUMAN BONES SONG | Science Music Video

Learn this song to become an expert on the human skeleton and find out what each bone does! Can you create your own dancing skeletons to go with it?

Super Clase de Rumba #4🎶🔥- Clases en Vivo

Another super energetic and fun workout from lisethlopezh!

How to make a face mask the really easy way

Make your own face mask - you don't even need a sewing machine!


Want to learn a few Hawaiian greetings? Aloha Everyone! It's Lynn with iHula Hawaii, bringing the hula of Hawaii to you. How do you say the following in Hawa...

Flying Tea Bag Rocket! (Home Experiment)

This is an experiment that I did with the Year 2/3 Inschool Children. It is fun BUT (and it is a very important BUT) you MUST let an adult do the experiment in a safe place where nothing can get damaged.

Pancakes | Buddy Oliver | 1 of 5 #KitchenBuddies

Jamie Oliver's son, Buddy, shows you how to cook some delicious snacks and meals! Try them at home and let me know how you got on! As usual, check with an adult before you start your culinary adventure!

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV

Watch amazing live coverage from NASA.

20 Cool Science Projects For School Students

Hello friends today we have brought you 20 cool science projects ideas. I hope this science fair ideas will help you. Here are 20 cool science experiments 1....

Mrs M says - some great things to make and build at home! You might need adult help creating some of them and, as always, share and okay the project with them before you start. Have fun!


COOL TRICKS FOR BORING DAYS We prepared a collection of science experiments that will brighten your life! You can have a lot of fun together with your friend...
Mrs M says - you will need an adult with you if you want to try some of these at home, don't attempt them on your own! They are not all EGGsperiments, keep watching for the ink, glue and alien eyeball!


Two crazy guys make a 'yacht' from plastic bottles and sail it on a lake! They are very enthusiastic but probably not a good idea to try this at home!

How to make a kaleidoscope

A really simple kaleidoscope to make at home, just like the ones we made in school. See how inventive you can be!


AMAZING EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS to do at HOME, at SCHOOL, it's very simple and super cool that will amaze your kids. All of them are easy and safe ...

Fitness South American Style!


Keep fit and learn Spanish at the same time


Want to go faster than Joe Wicks (although we love you Joe!)? Why not try South American fitness workout Club Body Tech (rumba)on YouTube. My favourite, and the one we did in school, is session de rumba #15 - clases en Vivo. It lasts 54.24 minutes and the man who does it makes the Strictly dancers look like snails! He shouts out the instructions in Spanish, smiles and dances non - stop. Skip the first 30 seconds of intro. I look forward to seeing you dance!

Sesión de rumba #15

Keep fit South American style with 54 minutes of fast paced rumba dance moves!

How to Weave Artstraws®

Learn to create realistic models and fun creatures with Artstraws® using a simple weaving technique.

Tiny Risotto | Tiny Kitchen

Learn how to cook a risotto Tiny Kitchen style. All the food used is real and the stove is powered by a nightlight.

Tiny 4th of July BBQ | Tiny Kitchen

From potato salad and coleslaw to cake and burgers, this tiny feast has got you covered this holiday weekend.

How to make Eiffel tower form match sticks, Construction of Eiffel

Careful measuring is needed to complete this project and, be warned, it won't be done in 5 minutes!! You may need an adult or an extra pair of hands to help with some bits although I am sure that you can do this, easy peasy!

Easy Painting for kids|lighthouse

Simple Painting lighthouse/seascape

Super Easy Beginners Watercolor Watermelon for Kids ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

How to paint watercolour watermelons, step by step

Watercolor Splotch Birds | EASY | Mixed Media Art Journal With Me

How to paint simple bird and flower pictures using watercolours

Emily Draws . . . A Badger called Pete (Tidy!)

Hello, Do you like drawing? Me too. My name is Emily Gravett, and I make picture books. Today I'm going to show you in simple steps how to draw one of the ch...

Clase de Cardio Rumba

A rumba class with Lise. improve your dancing, keep fit and learn Spanish too. Also think that we should have the same decorations in our classroom!