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Living the St Peter's CE Academy values each day...

Living the St Peter's CE Academy values each day... 1

School day.

8.25am staff on duty in the playground (reminder: no unattended children before 8.25am)

8.35am bell for start of the school day - children to filter in when the 8.35am bell goes, parents/carers please do not block entrance to school.

8.45am school gates locked

9.10am assembly (Mon-Thur)

10.35-10.50am (break) - children to filter in on the 10.50am bell.

12 noon Lunch

1.10pm bell - children to filter in on the 1.10pm bell.

Afternoon flexi-break at each teacher's discretion. 2.45pm bell for Reception break.

3.15pm school gates unlocked

3.30pm end of school


*children filtering back into school on the school bell has saved slippage time and increased learning time. 

There is still one inset day to be confirmed for 2020 to 2021.

Useful information for Parents

Academic Year 2019- 2020


INSET DAYS (School Closed for Staff Training)

Mon 2nd September   /   Mon 4th November / Mon 24th February  / Fri 3rd July   /   Mon 20th July



KS2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) £2.50 per day / £ 12.50 per week

KS1 (Years Rec, 1 & 2) – Please note that meals are free for all KS1 children.

If you wish to book a jacket potato for your child, please call the office to book before 9.30am.

Adult dinners £3.60 / Early Years & Pre-School age £1.60  -  Please book with the school office before 9.30am


Please ensure your child’s dinners are paid for in advance by going onto Parentpay or sending payment to the school office


We would be grateful if cheques for dinner money DO NOT include any other payments

When sending cash into school with your child can you always enclose it in a sealed envelope with your child’s name & what the payment is for.  Can you also ensure that cheques not enclosed in an envelope have your child’s name and details of what the payment is for written on the back.


                                  Cheques made payable to :  St. Peters CofE Academy


Activities ie; football, lacrosse, archery, can all be paid on one cheque – please remember to return with the relevant completed permission forms


There is a letterbox situated in the Entrance Lobby by the office for envelopes & return slips (for parent/carer use only – not pupils) to save you having to queue outside the office when it is busy.



Thank you to everyone who is now using ParentPay. Anyone who has not yet been on to the site please log in and have a look. If you have mislaid your original set up letter with log in details please contact the office for a copy.   If you wish to pay cash contact the office to discuss the option of paying via PayPoint card which can be used at East Bridgford News, Sainsburys in Bingham, Co-op in Lowdham or where you see the PayPoint logo. 


Urgent Messages for School

If you need to contact school regarding collection arrangements for your child ie; after school or any other urgent matters – please ring the school office, rather than sending an email (or if you have sent an email can you still ring to confirm that it has been seen).  There are occasions when emails are not picked up during the day.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Please be aware that we have pupils in school with nut allergies – we would appreciate your assistance by not sending your child to school or on trips with food containing nuts.


Safety Reminders & School Start/End Times

School start bell – 8.35am (gates locked at 8.45am)

School ends 3.30pm (gates unlocked at 3.15pm)

Entry during the school day is through the main school gate via intercom

For safeguarding purposes the school operates CCTV


We would like to remind you of the need for consideration

when parking outside of school especially at the beginning and end of the school day (particularly avoiding parking on the zig zags outside of school, opposite school on the other side of the road, outside residents’ driveways, on Cuttle Hill & also the Pub Carpark).  For safety reasons can we ask that children refrain from riding scooters/cycling in the School Playground. In addition, please ensure children do not climb on wall at the front of school.


Can we kindly ask parents & carers not to bring dogs onto the school grounds.  We would also request that dogs are not left anywhere that might block access or risk frightening a child.


Use of Playground Outside of School Hours

Please can we request that you do not allow your children to use the playground out of school hours for games including cycling, skateboarding, scooters, etc..  This is in consideration of our neighbour whose house is at the end of the playground which forms her only access and driveway


Thank you for your assistance in the above matters


Medicines in School

If your child requires medicine during school time a form will need to be completed which is available from the school office.  Medicines will be administered at lunchtime only (before or after) and we would ask you to bear this in mind when planning the timings for your child’s medicine at home – thank you.


Bumped Head Letter

If your child brings home a red ‘bumped head’ letter please remember to sign and return it to school the next day


Milk (KS1 & KS2)

If you would like your child to receive milk and they are not already registered, please ask the office for a ‘cool milk’ leaflet that will provide you with further information and how to apply online.


Late Arrivals to School

Just a reminder that Pupils need to be signed in by their Parent / Carer

at the school office if they are arriving late for school

Do not send your child to school unsupervised as the gates are locked from 8.45am


Request for Withdrawal from School-Based Learning

For known absences please complete the above form which is available from the office & website

Please note that the school cannot authorise any time off school unless it is for a one off / exceptional circumstance. e.g family wedding, funeral, armed forces time off. A family holiday is not deemed exceptional to authorise unless there are circumstances around this. Should you choose to take your child(ren) away from school in term time it will not be authorised unless it meets the recommended guidelines.  Children with poor attendance are monitored closely.  Persistent lateness or absence from school may result in Parents/Carers being required to attend an Attendance Meeting with the Head Teacher. Yearly Attendance Target is 97+% as set by school Governors.


Music Tuition opportunities

We have outside tutors who attend St. Peter’s to provide a variety of music tuition

Rattle & Roll Performance are providers for Singing/Woodwind/Strings :

Drumming providers :  Piano Tuition is Juliet Kirman –

Please contact the above providers for further information and availability.



In order to speed up the turnaround of uniform orders, we offer an online facility to allow parents/carers to purchase uniform directly from the manufacturers.  This enables parents to pay by credit/debit cards, which further increases our ability to become a cashless school.

Go to Just Schoolwear website :


Can you ensure your child wears suitable black shoes.


As well as clothing/sportswear, can you please remember to label any equipment your child brings into school i.e. lunchbox/drink bottles, hockey/lacrosse stick, tennis racket, diablo etc. 



School Twitter - @StPetersEB

This is available through our school website


We have a limited number free copies of ‘Digital Parenting’ Magazine

come and request yours from Mr Tomlinson


Welcome parents/carers to purplemash.