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English Ideas

English ideas:


  • Make thank you posters for carers / key workers around your village or in your windows at home.
  • Write letters to friends.
  • Start a lockdown diary - something to look back on in years to come. A piece of history!
  • Write a quiz for your family.
  • Write a script for a potential news bulletin on what you have been up.
  • Act out your news bulletin.
  • Write a set of ingredients and method for a meal you might like to cook.
  • Cook the meal with the permission and supervision of an adult.
  • Watch the 'Taking Flight' video story below and try one of the following:
  • Plot how Tony is feeling at key points in the film. 
  • Rewrite the narrative as a first person recount from Tony's point of view. 
  • Create Tony's internal monologue; taking place in the car on the way to Grandpa's house, whilst Dad is talking to Grandpa and then as the mood changes. 
  • Describe one of the adventures in detail.  Start with the line, "I was travelling in the 'Radio-Flyer; when... "
  • Retell the narrative in the third person, changing the adventures, renaming the characters and even the method of transport. 
  • In the film we do not see the alien, in your narrative Tony could meet one of them.  Describe the alien, create the dialogue that is had between the alien, Tony and Grandpa. 
  • Retell the story from Dad's point of view.  How does he feel when he sees the two of them so dirty?  What goes through his mind to change his mood?
  • Continue the narrative and add in your own adventure.