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Years 3 & 4 LKS2

Hello all,


Please find below a range of activities that you can access whilst learning from home. The whole school theme will continue to be updated on a weekly basis as well as the weekly activities for Years 3 and 4. Remember there are plenty of activities in the new headings: Spellings, Learning Games, English Ideas as well as Maths at Home. As stated on the home page for Learning from Home there are also links to BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy. As a school we have subscribed to White Rose Maths which will offer videos as well as worksheets in line with BBC Bitesize and a resource the children are familiar with. Also there are resources in the RE folder on the home page as well as Oddizzi is having all the weekly learning resources stored in there. In addition to all of this, 'Out of the Ark' music scheme is also putting weekly singing up that is stored in the 'music' folder. So plenty here to keep you busy! Remember this is all to be done at your own pace.


If you need to contact the team, either for help, advise or to show off work please use the following email addresses:



Thank you,


Lower Key Stage 2 Team.


Hello Year 3 and 4!

I hope you are enjoying the new weekly timetables. This week’s timetable is now ready for you in the 'Weekly Activities' pages below.

Go there first to find out what we have planned for you for the week. If you need extra worksheets and activities to support your learning this can be found on the ‘Additional Maths/English Activities’ at the bottom of the weekly timetable or on the pages below. Please note that Classroom Secret Home learning Pack will be added to the weekly timetable on Sunday.

Take care and don't forget to share anything exciting that you have been doing with us via email!