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What is a 'live lesson'?

  • Every weekday at 9am, Gareth Metcalfe posts 2 new lessons to his page via YouTube.
  • One aimed at children in UKS2 and another for LKS2.
  • Each video will help children to build the skills needed for the main task.
  • Children will then complete the main task – a challenge or short series of questions – working individually or with adult/sibling support.
  • Underneath each video is a short description of the key calculation skills for each lesson.
  • Tasks (with answers included) can be downloaded from underneath the videos below.



  • If you have not tried these videos before, you might like to begin right from the very first one, on Mon 23rd March. 
  • Some of them lead on from each other or come as a pair, for example they may say 'Part 1' and 'Part 2' or a particular concept, so be careful if you are picking and choosing which to do.


Please note, we will aim to upload the most up to date video to this page, each day after the live broadcast. To make sure you catch the lessons as they go live at 9am, the website link is:


More information for Parents - There is an 'I See Maths Guidance for Parents mailing list'. This provides resources, ideas and suggestions for how you can support your children at home in mathematics. Parents will also be invited to join online training sessions, giving you information you may find useful to help your children at home. You can subscribe via this link:

Thurs 30th April - Multiplication, Rank by Difficulty

Weds 29th April - Multiplication, Rank by Difficulty

Link to task -

Tues 28th April - Multiplication, I know... so...

Link to task -

Mon 27th April - Connecting Calculations

Link to task -

Fri 24th April - The Right Question

Link to task -

Thurs 23rd April - Numbers, Shapes and Holidays

Link to task -

Weds 22nd April - Shape: Guess the Rule

Children deepen their understanding of shape properties by considering whether different shapes meet the same rule. Deep thinking in shape for children in UKS2

Tues 21st April - 5 Consecutive Numbers

The 5 Consecutive Numbers Challenge, Y5 & Y6. Be challenged, explore and enjoy!

Mon 20th April - Describe, Visualise, Draw

This week we are reasoning with 2D shapes. In this activity, children describe, visualise and draw a range of shapes. A great reasoning challenge for Y5 and ...

Thurs 2nd April - Connecting Puzzles

In this video we make connections between algebraic shape puzzles and a range of word questions.

Weds 1st April - Shapes and Stories

Tues 31st March - Shape Puzzles (Part 2)

Building algebraic thinking for children in Y5 and Y6 using shape puzzles. Some great opportunities for problem-solving!

Mon 30th March - Shape Puzzles (Part 1)

An introduction to some fantastic addition and subtraction puzzles where shapes represent missing numbers. Great preparation for algebra for children in Y5 and 6.

Fri 27th March - Different Contexts

Exploring a range of different sum and difference questions, using bar models to show an effective method and identify misconceptions.

Thurs 26th March - Boys, Girls, Children.

There is an incorrect video for Year 5 and 6 on the 'I See Reasoning' website for today's date, however there is a task that is for this age group (see document under video). As an alternative, I have included the Year 3 and 4 video as it shows a similar concept, but at a lower level. Hopefully the video should help with understanding the task.

Weds 25th March - The Same Difference

Exploring difference and using related subtraction facts to help children in Y5 and Y6 to become more fluent in calculation.

Tues 24th March - Four Numbers Challenge

This video introduces the Four Numbers Challenge: will you be able to find all the possible answers? A great challenge for Y5 & Y6 children!

Mon 23rd March - 5 Consecutive Numbers

The 5 Consecutive Numbers Challenge, Y5 & Y6. Be challenged, explore and enjoy!