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In 1997 St Peter's C of E Primary School, East Bridgford, Nottingham set up an Out of School Club to provide affordable, quality childcare provision for before school, after school and during the school holidays for working parents and carers. Since then the Out of School Club has gone from strength to strength to what it is today, a friendly, vibrant setting where the needs of the children and their parents/carers are effectively supported.

Every child attending the Out of School Club is made to feel welcome and will feel happy and safe in a place that provides equal opportunity for all.

The Out of School Club provides an exciting and stimulating environment for all children to play, learn and develop freely. We aim to provide a programme of activities that is interesting, educational, stimulating and fun and which will promote each child's social, physical, moral and intellectual development.

As a "Take Care Out of School Club" we work in partnership with St Peter's Academy ethos of "Working Together in Achievement" to encourage the children to "Take care of ourselves, each other, the world and with our work".