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The ASPIRE Multi-Academy Trust and your chance to be part of a new and innovative future.


Without doubt we once again find ourselves on the threshold of major educational change. The Local Authorities that have supported us for over 100 years find their influence diminishing and so it falls to us to explore and invent new and even stronger school-to- school partnerships which, if we get them right, will secure for our children even better futures. We are the ones with the challenge, the responsibility, but also the privilege to be able to discover and define what this new direction should be. This is the strong sense of purpose and future that ASPIRE was formed to embrace. We believe that in such moments some schools would welcome the chance to explore a primary-focused way forward.



ASPIRE is a unique and distinctive primary-school-centred Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) which seeks to put at its heart the ‘profound personal development’ of all its children and staff. This is an ambition and culture it is propelled to achieve through its clearly defined ‘Ethos Model for Excellence’  (see below). This not only gives its schools a common sense of identity and purpose, integrating all we do and bringing a strong sense of teamwork, it also allows us to be genuinely be driven by a real and meaningful sense of value. It is also cleverly designed to be able to appeal to and have a powerful effect on both Church and non-Church schools alike. What we stand for is encapsulated in our ‘Take Care Value Statement’ through which we are challenged to: ‘Take care of ourselves, each other, our world and with our work’. An important and clever aspect of this is the way it allows us to attach our sense of value to the way we work, with children and teachers alike being challenged to achieve ‘take care’ work to the high standard we require. Moreover, it is to this statement that we are able to attach and bring meaning to all the other values we want our children to develop.


Our ethos is also ensures that we create a positive ‘Culture of Opportunity and Ambition’ that will help our children discover not just who they are, but who they are capable of becoming (i.e. the ‘profound personal development’ we all seek). In this way ASPIRE is committed to ensuring that all our children have access to a wide range of opportunities in key areas such as sport, music, drama, art, dance, science, computing, active caring and the chance to lead. In this way we do not simply provide these experiences for their own sake, but to help our young people grow into the best and most confident people they can be. Moreover, we want to use these opportunities to motivate them to work hard to the very best of their ability, thus ensuring the high academic success and personal standards that all given great importance in all ASPIRE schools.


In this way we support each other in achieving these great aims for all our children (and staff) whilst holding each other to account for their delivery and the high ‘Aspire-ational’ standards and success we seek.


However, this is not ASPIRE controlling schools or attempting to remove their identity. In fact it is the exact opposite. This is about helping schools to develop their own character, sense of value and success to even greater effect. It is also about being part of a lively- minded and spirited group who want to support each other towards achieving this, each in their own way and to their own personalities; schools who aren’t afraid to innovate and shape fresh ideas together.


This is: ‘Self-determination within a common ethos’.


In line with this, all ASPIRE schools are committed to delivering ‘profound personal development’ for their children, but each in their own way and according to their own character and community. ASPIRE’s founding schools (East Bridgford St. Peter’s C. of E. Primary, Sir John Sherbrooke Junior, Archbishop Cranmer C. of E. Primary, Kirkby Woodhouse Primary and Gunthorpe C. of E. Primary) are themselves a diverse and different group. However, if you were to visit them you would be struck by the vitality and high standards they are achieving based on ASPIRE’s common ethos, expressed in their own way. This success is made even more effective through our partnership and mutual support of each other.


This is what the ASPIRE Multi-Academy Trust stands for; this is the ASPIRE way and this is the ASPIRE offer. It really does deliver.


If your school is interested in being part of this kind of primary multi-academy trust then perhaps you would like to consider ASPIRE. If so please get in touch, arrange to meet us and get a real sense of what ASPIRE is achieving and might potentially offer you.


David Maddison

Executive Leader for the ASPIRE Multi-Academy Trust

01949 20226

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